Dienstag, 4. Oktober 2011

Turtle Power with Luzie

Do you like Turtles?

You will love this manicure 

(these are not my hands but Luzie's and she loves turtles as well)

paint your nails in a basic, bright colour
we used Catrice "Easy Peasy, Lemon squeezy"
(no joke, its the real name ;)

You choose 5 different colours for the shell
and paint a hexagon-shape-something right in the middle of the nail

after that you take a tiny paint brush and paint the turtle shell
at least it is supposed to be the turtle shell

after that you decide where to put the legs and the head and the arms of the turtle,

wait does a turtle have arms?

after that you put tiny little eyes in the head

if you are very talented you can do another black dot into the white dot so that it looks like the pupil 

yeah and this is how you get turtles on your nails. 

Thanks Luzie for giving me her nails to practice. 

And this is why we love Turtles (or Schildkröten in German) so much 

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