Sonntag, 16. Oktober 2011

Nail mail

I love swaps you get always new polishes 

here is what I got yesterday from Lyncia, who I had my first swap with. 

Fantasy Makers Purple Portion, Fantasy Makers Night Glow, CG Ruby Pumps, Kleancolor Metallic Sapphire, Kleancolor Chunky Holo Candy, Pumpkin Nail Enamel, Milani Metallic Mango, Funky Fingers Sand& Stilettos, and Candy Corn (which is supposed to be a very popular candy in the fall season in the States)

Here we have Metallic Mango, a nice dark orange with shimmer

The Fantasy Makers

yes right one glows in the dark, I'm gonna try that out at night :) and show you the result,
what is really nice about this glow in the dark colour that is doesn't have a colour, as you can see on the swatch below. It's not a dupe to my OPI night glow polish, It is much better.
 Purple portion is a almost black with tiny purple glitter dots in it

 The Kleancolors 

a dark blue and a bright pink glitter polish

as you can see in the swatch: Chunky Holo Candy is more like a light pink when it is on the nail 
(I used 2 coats)

This is the funky fingers one, from which I thought it could be a dupe from Essence Hello Hollo, but it isn't because it is much more in the direction of a purple. 

The pumpkin one is just adorable, the bottle and the polish, it is just hard to get the moons out of the bottle and on the nail, but this is always the problem with polishes which have special shapes in it. 

What do you think of the swap. Btw it was a surprise swap, I only wanted to have the CG Ruby pumps for a friend of mine who wanted it badly. 

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