Mittwoch, 19. Oktober 2011

Nail polish battle: Nubar 2010 vs. Essence Waking up in Vegas

When I first saw the new Limited collection of Essence online I thought yeah I need to have all of them. 

Well, I reserved all of them in my local drug store. 

However, when I was on my way back to Göttingen I saw the collection and couldn't resist and took one with me. 

The dance top coat was very similar to my Nubar 2010 which I got in a swap with Katie.

In the sunlight you can see the flakes. 

Here in the swatch.
The essence one is the top nail
the Nubar 2010 in the lower one 

I used one coat of each top coat. 

as you can see the Essence one has more flakes than the Nubar one.
But the Nubar has different shapes of flakes. 

The colour reflection is almost the same.

Pretty isn't it? I would say it's a dupe, not a perfect one but still the differences are too little to speak from two completely different polishes.  

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*Anna* hat gesagt…

I'd say perfect dupe too ;)

I just have it on my nails today, it's wonderful!

Best Regards,

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