Dienstag, 15. November 2011

Black Perl by Chan... P2

Yeah, Here is post number 2 today. I missed yesterday which is why you have to hear from me twice today. And if you wonder why I write the nail polish related posts in English, well I love swapping as you can see here, here, here, here and here. Opssss have I mentioned I love to swap? And there are new coming up. uhh right, why do I write in English, because I want everybody to be able to read my nail polish related posts. 

Back to Business

P2 (a local German and Austrian brand) has a new Limited Edition, which is called "Black deluxe". I already showed you the blush. And here is one of the nail polishes, which is called "Black Perl". Well Chanel had the same idea a couple of months ago, but who wants Chanel if one can have P2?

Let us have a look at the nail polish:

nice, right? A dark base colour with tiny blue glitter in it.
Very elegant

I personally like really dark nail polish when my nails are a bit shorter, but not too short, like in the middle. And you?

As you can see the P2 nail polish has nothing in common with the Chanel one, which is more like a grayish with tiny glitter in it.

 Lovely, isn't it? 

Its a very nice limited edition, let me know if I can get you something from it. How do you like the colour? Long nails with dark nail polish or short nails? 

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