Sonntag, 20. November 2011

How to get rid of sticky nail polish?

I know u know the feeling. You have the most perfect manicure on your nails with a lot of beautiful glitter on it. But after a couple of days you just want to get rid of it! And, as we all know, it isn't really easy to do that, because glitter is always sticky and you almost have to cut off your nail to get them clean again. 

Have you had this problem before? 

Yes? Have a look at my technique 

pretty manicure with sticky stars on them 

my ingredients: scissors, scotch tape, nail polish remover, cotton pad 

cut the cotton ball in smaller pieces 

put nail polish remover on it

wrap the pad around your finger

put the scotch tape around the finger

Do this on every fingers

some time for a grimaces while you wait 

just pull the cotton-polish remover-thing from your finger

clean fingers and a little mess

And what do you think? Will you try this method? Do you have another way to get rid of sticky nail polish?


Mila C. hat gesagt…

Das ist ja mal ein cooler Tipp :D
Wird mal ausprobiert :D
Ich denke ich stoppe mal die Zeit und schaue was schneller und einfacher geht!

Steffi hat gesagt…

oh ja mach das mal, bei mir geht es immer am Besten so :)

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