Freitag, 9. September 2011

My new P2 polishes

Here we have some of my new P2 polishes.

P2 is a German make-up brand which is only available in Germany and Austria. 

2 times a year P2 changes some of their colours and here are the new shades for the autumn and winter season

from left to right:

P2 last forever 072 heartbreaker
P2 color victim 541 night out
P2 last forever 052 goodnight kiss
P2 color victim 691 can't get enough!

072 heartbreaker: is a pastell brown with no glitter in it
541 night out a dark purple mixed with a soft mud tone 
052 goodnight kiss a dark rust 
 691 can't get enough! a dark mixture of red, rust with a hint of purple

from left to right:
p2 last forever 071 adore me!
P2 color victim 531 blue's time
671 coffee mania

071 adore me! a very soft pale purple
531 blue's time a beautiful blue with a hint of mud
671 coffee mania a dark brown 

I like the colours very much, they look perfect for the next autumn season. 

What do you think? Was halltet ihr von den Farben? 

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