Montag, 26. September 2011

Monday Nail Art Challenge

Its Monday :)

Where shall I start?

The Theme: Rock Star

Rock is usually not the music I'm listening to, that is why I asked my friends on Facebook what they combine a Rock Star with:

The first answer was:


As long as I don't have them on my teeth everything is fine ;)
However the manicure is not very suitable for the daily use. 
Lets think of something else....

The next answer came from my friend Sandra, her fiancé is a member of a rock band and her answer was:


he has long hair and plays an instrument.

However, this manicure is not very practical as well,

that is why I thought of symbols which are always referred to when you hear

Rock Star

My symbols are:

The thunder
and a guitare/bass 

The Guitare/ Bass

The Rose

The Stars

And the Thunder 

of couse everything in the colors I think rock is always displayed: Black, silver, red

What do you think?

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