Montag, 19. September 2011

Monday Nail Art Challenge

It's Monday and I am back home for the next nail art challenge

this weeks topic was 


a patchwork is something which develops through a long process of making,
well my manicure did develop as well but did only take an hour

Step one

step two

step three

step five

This is what I have used:

P2 eternal
P2 goodnight kiss
P2 jetset
P2 Hug me
P2 funky
P2 ship Ahoi LE pure white
Essence make it golden
Essence choose me!
Orly Galaxy Girl
and my new nail art brushes and my new dotting tool 

What do you think? Which step do you like most? Have you done a patchwork your self? 


Produkttesterwelt - Unser Produkttester Blog hat gesagt…

Da hast Du Dir aber richtig viel Arbeit gemacht. Sieht super aus.

Steffi hat gesagt…

Dankeschööön :)

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