Dienstag, 6. Dezember 2011

24 days of christmas challenge- Day 6

Todays Topic


I was like sooooo excited to show them to you

Here the tutorial

paint you nails white

Do the black circle shape 

And one big dot with a dotting tool

do the beak and the feet in yellow

Finish the eyes with another black dot in the middle

I'm in love with them! I don't want to take them off for the gingerbread man :)

Have a look at the other ladies 


ScarsLikeLace hat gesagt…

How cute! The other thing that'd make them cuter would be little scarves! =)

Kelly hat gesagt…


Lupilia hat gesagt…

Total schön :-)

Dési hat gesagt…

siehst echt super süß aus!

Theodora R. hat gesagt…

Awwww, sind die süß! :D

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