Dienstag, 14. Februar 2012

Nail Mail for Valentines

I got nail mail :)

some members of my nail polish group on facebook decided to do a valentine's exchange. 
I was given a name and a list with nail polishes a random person in my group likes and a limit of 15$. 
I went shopping and in exchange another person who I didn't know before send me a package. 

This package arrived last week. 

See what I got.

a really cute card from Sarah

a set of L.A. colors nail polishes 

perfect for a skittles manicure 

Orly and a flakie from Finger Paints :D

Green Apple and Asylum 

Isn't this a really nice set? I was so curious what I will get. This isn't like swapping where you know what you get, this is very exciting and I'm happy about what Sarah chose for me. 

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